We research social intelligence in both human and artificial agents. In humans, we investigate the neural and psychological processes underlying social perception and social interactions. In artificial agents, we target the development of computational approaches that interface with these human processes to achieve natural and seamless ChiefEssays.Net interaction with the users. Our methodology is interdisciplinary: neuroscience and psychology knowledge informs computational approaches that make machines capable to engage in social interaction with their human users. In turn, we use socially competent machines to further advance our knowledge of the neural and psychological roots of social intelligence.

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You are Welcome to Attend our Seminar Series

We organize a seminar series that involves some of the most important researchers active in the areas relevant to social robotics. The speakers of this year will cover different forms of embodiment (virtual agents, humanoid robots, etc.), their use in a wide spectrum i need an essay written for me of application domains (detection of developmental problems in children, tutoring, conflict resolution, customer-seller transactions, etc.) and the interplay between robotics and some of the most important psychological phenomena (personality, emotions, attitude, intentions, etc.):